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Starting a rent renewal claim against letting agencies is easy with us.  We are the only solicitors, as far as we know, that have applied consumer protection Regulations concerning unfair clauses in contracts to individual cases.

With a proven track record and offering landlord clients a No Win No Fee claim, landlords can now fight back without the fear of legal costs.  By knowing our landlord clients we understand that cash flow can be difficult.  Whilst landlords may have assets in the form of property nevertheless cash is often in short supply and being hit by unexpected rent renewal commission demands does not help.

You Can Claim Back 6 Years of Rent Renewal Commission Fees!

Going back over a period of 6 years can add up to a lot of money paid to letting agents.  In addition you can also claim interest.  You will appreciate that a claim by landlords against letting agents can amount to £thousands in unfair renewal fees.  Each day you leave it to make a claim could be money you cannot no longer claim because the 6 year time limit is lapsed.  So don’t delay make that claim now.

How To Claim

It is important that before you can defend or recover unfair rent renewal commissions the following applies to you:-

  1. The letting agent did not draw your attention to the unfair rent renewal commission fees.
  2. You, the landlord must be acting as a “consumer” that is the property to let does not part of a business enterprise.
  3. You, the landlord have not negotiated any clause in the letting agreement which is the cause of the complaint, i.e. At the time of signing the letting agreement you negotiated a reduction of the rent renewal commission fee.

If the above applies contact us now.

Contact Us To Claim 0151 431 0548

Contact us between 9.30 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday by calling us on 0151 431 0548 or our alternative free phone number 0800 011 2757.  You can also send us a email by using our CONTACT US form or engage our live chat facility on the top right hand side of the web site.  If we are online we chat live with you in complete confidence.  Don’t be surprised if you see a floating live chat box appear on your computer screen, that our legal team ready to help you. If you do not want to chat live, simple disable the live chat box.

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