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Chesterton's Letting

Chesteron's Letting v Mr A Finney OBE

In the Lambeth County Court where our Landlord Client, Mr Finney OBE, Defended a rent renewal claim by Chesteron's Letting Agents.

We, R James Hutcheon Solicitors, Defended the rent renewal claim made by Chestertons and made a Counter Claim for Mr Finney OBE, for the return of rent renewal fees he had paid in the past.

The Trial Judge in the Lambeth County Court was awarded Ordered the return of his renewal fee commissions and dismissed the Claim made by Chestertons.


Chestertons found a tenant for the Landlord and he paid the 10% "finders fee".  Chesterons raised an invoice for this service in the sum of £3,513.24.  After the first year the tenant renewed and Chestertons issued an invoice for their renewal fee.  This was queried by the landlord but he was informed to pay as he had signed their standard terms contract.

The landlord paid the rent renewal fee in the fum of £3,667.

Again the tenant renewed the tenancy with the Landlord and once again Chestertons required the payment of the rent renewal fee commission.  This time the landlord became aware of the test case of the OFT v Foxtons rent renewal fee dispute.  The Landlord refused to pay and Chestertons took court action to recover the unpaid rent renewal commission fees in the sum of £3807.


The Landlord Defended the claim for the rent renewal fee of £3807 and also claimed back his fee he paid earlier in the sum of £3,667 plus court fees and some legal costs.  In total the landlord also recovered interest making a total of £4354.

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