Foxtons To Be Sued By OFT Over Unfair Charges

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Following much critisism by landlords about unfair tenancy contracts and tenancy renewal fees the OFT has taken legal action against Foxtons and is seeking a court injunction order to prevent Foxtons using certain letting contract terms and charging questionable fees.

If the OFT is successful in its legal case against Foxtons then it intends to use the case to stop other letting agents and estate agents using similar unfair contracts and charging high tenancy renewal fees to landlords when a tenant renews their tenancy agreement without any involvement with the initial letting agent.

It is likely that the OFT vs Foxtons case will arrive in the High Court in July 2008 and if the OFT is successful then many private landlords may be well placed to challenge Foxtons and other letting agents about any tenancy renewal fees that they have paid during the last 6 years. For some landlords these fees will add up to very significant amounts.

As Hutcheon Solicitors will be assisting landlords wishing to challenge their letting agents over monies paid to them in renewal fees we are inviting landlords to register their interest in this matter by completing our contact form below. We will then keep landlords up to date with any developments in this case and we will also be starting a Tenancy Renewal Fee Claims Service for interested landlords.

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Private landlords interested in chatting with Hutcheon Solicitors about renewal fee issues and whether fees paid over the last 6 years can be claimed back can also contact us by calling our free advice line on 0800 083 0626 or chat online with a Rent Management Service advisor using the live chat button on the top right of this page.