Time To Challenge Tenancy Renewal Fees In Court
The purpose of this article is to question the legality of tenancy renewal fees that are often charged to private landlords when a tenant extends or renews their tenancy agreement. In recent months both the National Landlords Association (NLA) and BBC Watchdog have critisised and called for an end to tenancy renewal fees levied by many letting agents. In support of the wave of criticism regarding tenancy renewal fees, Hutcheon Solicitors are keen to talk with private landlords that are feel they are being unfairly penalised by letting agents charging unreasonable tenancy renewal fees.

A Call For Examples Of Unfair Tenancy Renewal Fees
At this time, Hutcheon Solicitors have been presented with a number of examples where tenancy renewal fees appear completely unjustified or vastly out of proportion to any services provided to the landlord. We would like more examples though in order to further highlight the commonality of this practice by letting agents simply looking to profit from landlords unfairly. As such if you are a private landlord that has experienced this type of practice by letting agents we would be very interested in chatting with you about your experience accordingly.

Please contact us by completing a contact form or alternatively call Hutcheon Solicitors directly on 0800 083 0626 if you feel strongly about the practice of tenancy renewal fees and would like to support us in challenging this practice in court. Hutcheon Solicitors are also experts in assisting landlords with the mis-selling of payment protection policies or PPI Claims.